Ultrasound scanners Telemed

General characteristics of ultrasound devices Telemed

All models of Telemed ultrasound devices have the quality of a European manufacturer, a wide range of functionality, excellent visualization quality and a high level of diagnostics.

The entire range of equipment offered for sale in Ukraine are designed, manufactured and assembled in Lithuania, FDA, CE, ISO certified, and subject to strict quality control by the EU, USA and other countries to which Telemed ultrasound machines are supplied (more than 75 countries of the world).

In February 2021, the Certificate of Conformity was received (Annex 3 of the Technical Regulation on medical devices approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 02.10.2013 № 753 (TR) for Telemed products:

  • Diagnostic ultrasound devices;
  • Ultrasonic sensors;
  • Software for ultrasonic control and visualization.

Our main goal is to make high-quality and accessible for medical institutions, private clinics and cabinets All models of ultrasonic devices, incl. veterinary.

  • Telemed ultrasound scanners (including veterinary) are made in the form of a device (block for generating and processing ultrasound signals) to a Windows® computer (laptop or tablet).
  • Ultrasound models of MicrUs Pro devices, in addition to Windows®, also work on Android devices (smartphones). The so-called ultrasound probes for Android smartphones.
  • All Telemed ultrasound machines can be used with your existing laptops, computers or tablets, or come with complete laptops, computers or tablets (as agreed).
  • The software is the same for all models of ultrasound devices (scanners) Telemed (including veterinary). It has a flexible setting just for your needs.
  • The software works as an application (in window or full screen mode) in any Windows® operating system.
  • The interface of the program is intuitive and user-friendly. The software is free, can be installed on any number of your devices, updated 2-3 times a year. All new features are instantly available for use, provided they are compatible with the equipment.
  • Telemed ultrasound devices can be used as portable and /or as stationary (mobile carts, ultrasonic keyboard, filters and stabilizers for the electric network can be optionally supplied).
  • The minimum recommended (but not limited) monitor /tablet /phone diagonal is 9 inches. The maximum recommended (but not limited) monitor diagonal (monoblock) is 24 inches.
  • All models of ultrasound scanners (including veterinary) are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of commissioning. 12-month warranty for probes.
  • All models of ultrasound devices, including future ones, are ready for telemedicine (teleconsultation, teletraining, telecontrol ...), as they are open systems.

Detailed characteristics and capabilities of different models of ultrasound devices Telemed

Detailed characteristics and capabilities of various models of ultrasound devices Telemed you can find on our website at the links:

Additional features of ultrasound systems Telemed in comparison with traditional ultrasound machines:

  • Simultaneous use of one device both stationary and mobile.
  • Reports of any configuration.
  • Preliminary registration of patients.
  • Print images and other information to a computer /network printer.
  • Send and receive images and other information by e-mail.
  • Work in networks Internet, Ethernet, Telemedicine, DICOM. Consultations with specialists via the Internet, Ethernet, Telemedicine, DICOM.
  • Compilation of survey reports for the selected period of time.
  • Getting help, advice from the Internet or from any media.
  • Connecting an additional monitor.
  • Work with office programs (documents, reports, tables, graphs, calculations, images, presentations, etc.).
  • Comparison of ultrasound images and measurements for any period of time.
  • Archiving of patients' card index.
  • Archiving of ultrasound images of patients.
  • Transfer of the ultrasound examination session in the format of a video for consultation or for acquaintance with the patient.
  • Possibility of remote consultation of a practitioner with narrowly focused specialists within a medical institution and in Ukraine in real time on a specific pathology for a specific patient. Comparison of results with atlases, creation of own. Telemedicine.
  • Examination of patients can be performed by medical staff of secondary qualification with subsequent diagnosis by a highly qualified specialist.
  • Long-term monitoring of the patient's condition thanks to a personal file.
  • Complete documentation of the doctor's actions.
  • Possibilities of application, both in narrow experts, and ultrasonography of doctors of a wide profile with a possibility of carrying out punctures under the control of ultrasound.
  • The ability to work with other medical equipment and functional diagnostic software reduces the cost of computer software.
  • Allows to make inspections, to fix them, to process, analyze, to carry out consultations thanks to the Internet, to do statistical analyzes and to carry out operatively reports on the most various criteria of work of the doctor or medical institution.