MicrUs Pro scanners

MicrUs Pro is a handheld personal ultrasound scanner based on a popular MicrUs platform. “Pro” stands for “probe” and “professional”: Its upgraded electronics and carefully designed printed circuit boards provide image quality appreciated by MicrUs customers while the size is minimized to fit into a transducer housing.

MicrUs Pro is an application-driven device and works with Windows and Android platforms on modern tablets and mobile phones. Simply connect the USB cable directly to your Windows/Android device.

Software Development Kit (SDK) for Windows and Android can be provided on request for industry, developers or research teams.

MicUs Pro is available in 3 versions:

  • MicrUs Pro-L40S (linear, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm)
  • MicrUs Pro-L40N (linear, 5-12 MHz, 40 mm, performance version)
  • MicrUs Pro-C60S (convex, 2-5 MHz, R60 mm)

Android OS and devices compatibility (tests in progress)

The Android software was tested and working with the following mobile devices:

  • BlackBerry Keyone
  • Huawei Mate 20 X (Android 10)
  • Huawei P20
  • Huawei P30 (model ELE-L29; Android 9; Android 10)
  • Huawei Honor 20 Pro
  • LG G8S ThinQ (Android 9)
  • OnePlus 7T (Android 10)
  • OnePlus 8 Pro (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy A5 (Android 8)
  • Samsung Galaxy A30s (model SM-A307F; Android 9)
  • Samsung Galaxy A40 (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (model SM-N950F; Android 9)
  • Samsung Galaxy S8+ (model SM-G955F; Android 9)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 (model SM-T820; Android 9)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (model SM-T860; Android 10)
  • Xiaomi Mi 9T (Android 9)
  • Xiaomi Redmi 8A (Android 9)

The Android software NOT working with the following mobile devices:

  • Nokia 7.2 (Android 10)
  • Huawei P20 Lite (Android 9)
  • Huawei P30 Lite (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Android 10)

MicrUs Pro scanner includes:

  • MicrUs Pro scanner (available 3 models)
  • Type-C USB cable
  • disinfection cap
  • software, set-up manual, operation manual (supplied on USB memory stick)

Detailed system specifications and comparison with other systems see here


MicrUs Pro-L40S
Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Length 40mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts


MicrUs Pro-L40N
Frequency: 5-12 MHz
Length 40mm
obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts


MicrUs Pro-C60S
Frequency: 2-5 MHz
Radius: 60mm
abdominal, obstetrics, pediatrics, small parts


Note. Listed transducers compatible with MicrUs EXT-1H, rev.C and D only. If you want to buy transducer for previous versions, please contact with us.

Ultrasound images

Also you can see ultrasound videos here.

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