Probes for ultrasound machines

The main types of probes for ultrasound machines

The probe (transducer) is the most important part of the ultrasound machine.The functionality and cost of the ultrasound device depends on the set of probes. Therefore, before you buy a sensor, you need to accurately determine the area of use. When choosing a probe should take into account the depth and nature of the position of the organs. In this description, we will consider the main types and purposes of ultrasound probes.

There are 3 types of ultrasound scanning - linear, convex and sector. Ultrasound sensors have consonant names: linear, convex and sector.

Linear probe

Probe frequencies 5-18 MHz, scanning depth up to 10 cm. Due to the high signal frequency, the image is displayed with high resolution. With such a sensor it is difficult to ensure a uniform fit to the test organ, which can lead to image distortion at the edges. Linear sensors are ideal for examining superficial organs, muscles, blood vessels and small joints, as well as the thyroid and mammary glands.

Convex probe

Frequency 2-8 MHz, depth up to 30 cm. The width of the image is a few centimeters larger than the size of the probe. It is necessary to consider this feature when determining exact anatomical landmarks. Probes of this type are used to scan deep organs, such as: hip joints, genitourinary system, abdominal cavity, lungs. Depending on the patient's complexion, the required frequency is set.

Microconvex probe

This is a type of convex probe with a small radius, which can be used in pediatrics, cardiology, etc. With the help of this sensor the same researches, as the convex sensor are carried out.

Sector probe

Operating frequency 1.5-5 MHz. It is used in situations that require a large view at depth, from a small accessible area of the body. Used to study the intercostal spaces and the heart.

Sector phased probe

Used for research in cardiology, transcranial studies and studies of internal organs. Thanks to the sector phased array, it is possible to change the angle of the beam in the scanning plane, which allows you to look behind the crown, ribs or eyes (to study the brain). The probe can operate in the mode of constant-wave or continuous-wave Doppler, because it has the ability to independently receive and radiate different parts of the grating.

Intracavitary (endocavital) probe

These probe include vaginal (curvature 10-14 mm), rectal, rectal-vaginal (curvature 8-10 mm), this type of probe is used in obstetrics, gynecology, urology.

Biplane probe

They consist of combined emitters - convex + linear or convex + convex. With these probes, images can be obtained in both longitudinal and cross section. In addition to bi-plan, there are three-plan probes with a single output image from all emitters.

3D /4D surround probe

Mechanical probes with annular rotation or angular oscillation. It is possible to perform a sectional scan of organs, then the data is converted by the scanner into a three-dimensional image. 4D is a three-dimensional image in real time. Allows you to view all slice images.

Matrix probe

Probes with a two-dimensional lattice. Divided into:

  • 1.5D (One and a half dimensions). The sum of the elements in the width of the lattice is less than in length. This gives the maximum thickness resolution.
  • 2D (Two-dimensional). The lattice is a rectangle with many elements in length and width. Allow to receive 4D images and at the same time to display several projections and sections.

Pencil probe

In these probes, the receiver and the emitter are separated. Used for arteries, veins of the extremities and neck.

Video endoscopic probe

Combine in one device gastrofibroscope /bronchofibroscope and ultrasound.

Needle (catheter) probe

Microprobes for introduction into hard-to-reach cavities, vessels, heart.

Laparoscopic probe

Represent a thin tube with an emitter at the end. Used in laparoscopic surgery. Depending on the model, the end is bent in one plane, in two planes or not bent at all. With the help of the joystick is management.. Depending on the model, the sensor can be linear side, convex side, phased with direct inspection.



Probes for ultrasound machines from all manufacturers

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Modern medical ultrasound equipment is developed in such a way that the functionality of ultrasound devices allows them to be used in any field of medicine. The versatility of ultrasound scanners is achieved through the use of various ultrasonic probes. Probes for ultrasound machines of any manufacturer can be included in the package of ultrasound machine, and can be purchased separately.

The list of compatible sensors for ultrasound machines is constantly updated. Feel free to call us. ;)